My husband Sid and I started Briarlea Farm in July 2004. We have almost 200 acres (196 actually). It has been quite an adventure so far. We’ve made lots of changes and still have lots on our to-do list.

Briarlea Kitchen is our big professional kitchen which we had built in 2011/2012. We opened for business in June of 2012. We are inspected by The Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Health Unit.

My goal is to make delicious meals for you to have in your freezer for those nights you….need a break,  are too busy,  are tired of your own cooking,  forgot to pick up groceries,  have a headache or just want to watch the sun set. 

I make a variety of classics like Chicken Pot Pies, Beef & Beer Stew and Lasagna. I also get creative with items like Chicken Fiesta, Canuck Tourtiere and Ratatouille Rotini. All of these items are sold frozen.

I also make quite a collection of Preserves : Sundae in a Jar,  Pie for Toast,  Summers Glory, Rhubicot Marmajam and Just for Kids. If you are wondering what the heck these are, I hope you will come in for a sample! 


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