Our Menu

Here is our menu…..made from scratch, delicious  meals to make your life easier.

I try to have all items in stock, often in 2 portion sizes.


SOUPS  $8. L.    $5.  500ml.

Carrot orange                          Turkey vegetable

Potato leek                               Curry butternut squash

Smokey  sausage and lentil


Sausage rolls.  $5./16

Spanakopita rolls. $5./12


Chicken pot pie

Minced beef pie

Fresh Salmon quiche

Canuck Tourtière

*These 4 varieties of pies are personal size.  $5. Each or 4/$18.

*Feel free to mix and match the flavours!

9″ Tourtière  $12.

9″ Spanakopita $10.

8″ Quiche, seasonal varieties  $9.


Classic Meat Lasagna  8×8 pan  $12.

Mac ‘n  Cheese   $5.   $14.

Ratatouille Rigatoni  aka ‘Rat pasta’  $6.  $10.

Chicken Penne Alfredo   $6.   $10.


Southern Style Pulled Pork  $5.  $12.

Butter Chicken  $7.   $14.

Beef & Beer Stew  $7.  $12.

Fiesta Chicken  $7.  $12.

No Nonsense Beef Chili   $6.  $10.


8″ Fruit pies…..blueberry, rhubarb, raspberry rhubarb, strawberry rhubarb, apple $8.

Cookie Pucks, assorted flavours  $5. Dozen

Our Own Frozen Blueberries  $7.50 pound  $20/3 Pounds


250ml. Jars $7.

Sundae in a Jar,  Pie for Toast,  Summers Glory,  Yumm Plum,  Tarty Barb & Ginger,  Just for Kids,  Singin’ The  Blues,

Mango Chutney,  Orchard Eve’s Chutney,  Cranberry Jewel,  Blueberry Thrill,  Granny B’s Chili  Sauce,  Confetti Pepper Jelly

500ml. Jars $10.

Cedar Lodge Bread & Butter Pickles,  Cedar Lodge Mustard Pickle,  Granny B’s Chili Sauce, Salsa Salsa!


Come on in to check out seasonal specials!

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